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What is Angel Healing?

I get asked this all the time. Most of the time people ask because they are simply curious, but I like to think that others see the connection I have to the Angels and desire to be closer to them too. Maybe they believe in their souls that life could be a little easier if they felt their Angels near them all the time. They want to confirm what they already know in their soul; that when they need the Angels the most, they are there to comfort, guide and support them. 

The truth is, I have always been an Angel Healer. I was born into this way of being, this vibration. I am meant to stand in my truth and hold the faith for others.

This doesn’t mean I’m not human and that I don’t have flaws, though. I am far from perfect and I have made epic mistakes. I have compared myself to others, had extremely poor boundaries, believed that other people could save me rather than saving myself, and I have despaired more often than I can count. However, it was in these times that I recovered pieces of my soul. 

Bit by loving bit, I started to sew these pieces together and energetically heal them. You see, we are all made of energy, that even Science can prove. We are energetic beings of light and our reality is shaped by the closer we get to Spirit. This is simpler than we think. Perhaps it’s traveling to a place to reclaim a piece of yourself. I do often hear from others that they feel more whole at the beach or in nature. Perhaps it’s a person who has a piece of your soul and you are able to feel more whole with them. Or perhaps it’s an animal, object, or smell. All of these have healing energies. 

Angel Healers work with your energy by calling directly on God to send the Angels that you need to heal. They work as channels to deliver these messages to you and even use tools (crystals, essential oils, sound bowls, flower essences, superfoods) to help raise and balance your vibrational energy to make you feel more whole. 

It is the wholeness, the connection to Spirit that you desire.

An Angel Healer’s job is to put you intentionally in the presence of those Angels so that you can plant your feet firmly on your path, and move through life with more purpose, calm and confidence. 

Be in the presence of your own angels by joining us for an Angel Healing Meditation session. We meet Sundays at 10:30am or Wednesdays at 7pm at LIFT for Women, LLC in Watertown, CT.

Click ‘Booking’ to find out more about the Angel Healing services we offer. Your journey to a more supported, guided and purposeful life starts now.❤️

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