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The Power of Women Healing Each Other

“Behind every great woman, is a group text hyping her up”- Britt & Co

I always understood the female power in numbers. I am what you call a girl’s girl. My mom has two sisters, my dad has 3 sisters, I have two sisters, multiple girl cousins and I have two girls of my own. I remember always having my girls around me and loving every second of it. It was like having multiple best friends all the time. Secrets to share, late nights talking about everything from who likes who, to the best pair of jeans to buy, dance parties, tons of food and As we got older, it got more complicated, but honestly, I could hop on the phone with any one of my sisters, cousins and girlfriends and pick up where we left off. The good feelings and memories are still there, not eclipsed by adulthood. And that kind of relationship is priceless.

I was at a conference at UCONN a few years ago, and the Executive Director of a Women’s Philanthropy Organization talked about microloans that are given for women in poverty areas starting businesses. The loan is allowed to be taken out by a woman and seven other women who choose to support her. Each woman pays a portion of the loan each month and it becomes a shared business. If one woman can’t pay her payment one month, for whatever reason, other women come through for her. These loans have a high success rate of being repaid. Why? No woman wants another woman to fail. Their collective energy inspires each other to do better, be better and rise.

What no one talks about is how healing it is to be in the presence of another woman. You’ve felt it, when you’ve reached out to a friend and they have buoyed you for the rest of the day. Inspired you, motivated you or gave you the wake up call you really needed. We were not meant to experience this life on our own. If we were, why would there be so many other people on the planet? Why are there so many others who share similar experiences? Why are there millions of books, poetry, articles and posts that talk about human love and faith and the need for connection?

I’ll tell you why. It is the need to seek others who can help heal us, push us and make us better people. I have been working with people my whole life, and I have witnessed the power of group healing first hand. My work centers around having women invest in themselves, their futures, their well-being. The most powerful groups are the ones where the women have bonded, where they look out for each other, where they understand each other. Sharing, being authentic, raw and real is necessary for this healing to happen. We need support, women are highly emotional creatures (for better or for worse), and we need to know that there is someone that can talk it through with us, talk us off a ledge or tell us to stop overthinking and just do the damn thing already.

What can we learn from the women we choose to surround ourselves with? What value do they bring to your life? Every single woman I know holds her own gifts. And when you get them in a group better watch how quickly they discover how enough they actually are.

Right now I have the honor of facilitating a group of incredibly courageous women who have made self-care and healing their anxiety and overwhelm a priority. Instead of complaining that they are busy, they don’t have the time or that they don't have any issues to work on, they show up every other week virtually. The energy that flows within the conversations is magnetic! This is because these women meet each other with vulnerability and accountability. When one is feeling low, the others lift her back up. When another is celebrating herself, the others are cheering her on. We text, we learn, we cry, we laugh and within the beautiful mess of emotions, we heal.

So I ask you this week, how would you show up for other women, if you could be your true self? If given the opportunity to participate in your own amazing group of women, would you? And what would you need from them?


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