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Grown Up Girl’s Guide To Crystals

Crystals came into my life around the time I started my business, and since then have become a big part of my work. I use them in my Angel Healing Sessions, House Clearings, and Angel Meditations. Crystals are a huge part of my spiritual and self-care routine, and they should be a huge part of yours too! My husband likes to think I pray to rocks, but he’s got it wrong..

Crystals come from the Earth that was created by God.

Even if crystals are man-made; we were made by God. They are sacred, recognize our own sacredness, and help us navigate our emotions. They have the potential for great healing and raise our vibrations by having them near us. 

My crystals are so significant to me now that I have them everywhere. I have them in my home office, in my purse, under my pillow, and I use them in my work. I even keep them in my bra, though sometimes I forget they are there and they fall all over the floor. More than once, I had to search for them in the dark!

I think of crystals as energy enhancers or tupperware containers. 

Let me explain..

My first ever crystal was a Rose Quartz. The meaning of a Rose Quartz is universal love. I was once told by a spiritual mentor of mine to go to the store and intuitively pick a crystal that resonated with me. I was immediately drawn to the soft pink of the Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is both an energy enhancer and a container. It enhances the feminine energy of love and good vibes. It can also hold energy. Often, before I gift a Rose Quartz to someone, I fill the crystal with love and positive thoughts. The person can then use it when they feel they’re lacking self-love, because it is enriched with the energy I put in it. In groups, I like to pass around the crystal and have each person put their energy into it to supercharge it. A supercharged crystal is powerful because it contains the energy of many. 

Crystals can also be used to hold negative energy and emotions. My daughter was often scared to sleep at night because she would have bad dreams. I gave her an Angelite crystals (a soft blue stone that enhances your connection to God and the Angels), and told her to use that crystal when she had a bad dream. I told her she can put all of her fear and scary thoughts into the crystal, and the Angels would take care of it for her. She sleeps with it under her pillow every night. I also use crystals to help increase focus (Tiger’s Eye or Hawk’s Eye), and promote balance in my life (Flourite). Having Pyrite around can help with increasing money! 

I mentioned before that crystals are sacred, so it is important to take care of them..

There are four steps that you need to know to take care of your crystals:

1. Clear them. Put them outside to clear their energy or reset them. I usually keep them outside for 1-2 days. 

2. Cleanse them each new moon by using sage or a sage spray. Make sure that after you sage, you use palo santo, lavender, or rose spray to add positive energy and love to them. 

3. Charge their energy by putting them in the light of a full moon. This allows them to work at maximum capacity. 

4. When they break or start to become cracked, release them back into the Earth. Hold them close to your heart with deep gratitude, and return it back to where it once came. 

Want to use crystals but don’t know where to start?⬇️

Here are 5 crystals that you need right now:

1. Amethyst: Crystal of cleansing, protection and healing.

2. Rose Quartz: Crystal of universal love; romance, friendship, self-love and inner peace.

3. Angelite: Crystal of deep psychic connection to the Angels.

4. Clear Quartz: Enhances the energy of all the other crystals.

5. Pyrite: Known as ‘fool's gold’, this sparkly crystal is known to attract abundance and wealth. 

As always, if you want to learn more, feel free to reach out to me! I love hearing from you.

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