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What I love most about the women and girls that I work with is that they are EMPOWERED to work with me. They have had enough of the status quo and have chosen to work with me because they want more freedom, joy and abundance in their lives.

What do you mean Stephanie? Don’t you help women overcome anxiety, overwhelm and stress issues?

Yes, I do. However, these women and girls are TIRED of feeling this way. They know that the answers lie within themselves and are often looking for validation, a safe space to talk it through without judgement and a kick in the butt to get going!

Here’s the danger in ‘all the answers lie within you’. You hide. You avoid. You distract yourself. Why? Because you are afraid of what you might find within yourself. You tell yourself that there are parts of you better left unseen, parts that you will judge and others will not want to see. You KNOW that it is scary and you don’t want to face it. Even worse, you make yourself believe you don’t know the answers.

What I offer is faith. A space to be who you are without conditional love. A space that is as sacred as you are. When you lose faith, it is because when you lose faith in yourself. Let me explain. All of those times you said you were going to do something, and you didn’t. You heard that little voice in your head that guided you to the right answer and you still shrugged it off. All the times you followed the crowd instead of leading on your own path. All the times you tried to live up to others’ expectations and failed.

It IS possible to get that voice back and to FEEL worthy. It IS possible to have complete faith in yourself again. The women who come to me, they know that it is possible for them, even a little bit. They just needed someone to help open the door and unlock that part of them. Accessing requires practice and a mentor to guide you through while holding you accountable.

I am holding the door open for you. Don’t know how to get started? Click here to book your class.

With Love,


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