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Asking For Help

Hey Girl!

You know what’s a really difficult thing to do?

It’s really hard to ask for help! Am I right? To admit that you may be stuck or in a destructive pattern of your own making, it sucks. But you know what? I encourage you to think about this differently. From when we are small kids, we are not afraid to ask for help, like ever! And then, we were granted this help effortlessly. We would ask for snacks, drinks, toys, it didn’t matter. We weren’t afraid to cry if our needs weren’t being met either. As we got older, we wanted more independence, so we fought against our parents and poured milk from the jug even when it was too heavy, and spilled it all over the floor. We took out craft supplies on our own and painted the table. Our parents, so proud of us (but also sometimes aggravated since sometimes making our own choices means a giant mess), encouraged us to be independent and eventually stopped catering to our every need. This made us frustrated and anxious.

I remember years ago, moving into a new apartment and calling my mom because I had no idea how to make a recipe that she used to make. I probably could have read the recipe and did it myself, but I wanted the comfort of my mom telling me how and that I could do it.

Other times, I am so stubborn, I never ask for help. In fact, I would rather do anything else other than admit that I need help. But there is something important to know and that is that I can’t do it all. Even more important is that I know that’s ok. There will be a breaking point. That’s where the magic lies, in the breaking. You see, sometimes something has to be destroyed so that it can be built stronger. I find that when you break, when you are vulnerable, when you are ready to let help in, that is when you can really change. That is when you are raw, real, authentic and truly you.

I recently did a healing session with one of our Grown Up Girls. This particular session started with her texting me ‘I need your help’. This is always a big step, right? We scheduled a time to talk and release that anxiety that was building up. I knew how hard it was for her to even reach out, and I completely respected the fact that she wanted to confide in me. I don’t take that lightly. She was struggling with the fact that she was in a job she hated, had been laid off during the Coronavirus pandemic and was now having anxiety about being called back to work again. Now faced with the fact that she had time off from the job she hated, and was completely happy (even financially) during the quarantine, she felt even more resentful towards going back to that job. She had used all of the coping tools in her toolbox including meditating, taking time for self-care, dancing it out, talking to a friend, but she really just could not unlock the answer from herself. She wanted to know if she should go back to the job she hated or if she should just quit and pursue her dreams, her dreams that had really started to blossom and make money, even during all this craziness.

The thing is, I knew at the core this wasn’t really about the money, this was really about her being satisfied in her work. Her being respected. Her being proud of her work. So we started the session with a discussion about what she wanted to unlock. As we went through each of the Angel Messages for her, it became clear that her conflict was with herself and not her job. She mentioned that she wanted others to be proud of her. She was looking for that external validation for her work (that we all crave), rather than validation within herself. She didn’t feel like her own validation was enough. The thing is, she knew exactly how to make herself happy, because she had been doing it for the past six weeks. She expressed that she had a beautiful, fulfilling home life, a supportive husband and a daughter whom she adored. She wanted to do all she could to make them happy. The angels surrounded her with messages of hope and encouragement. They showed her that now was the time to take action and step into the person that she is meant to be. Hours later, she wrote an email to the job she hated and resigned. She booked two other clients doing the work she truly desired. She felt empowered and most importantly free.

This is not the solution that I would recommend to everyone. These sessions meet you exactly where you are and the Angels support you in your own personal journey. We talk through your situation and come up with solutions together. I do promise, after you leave the session, you will feel more empowered than ever before, peaceful and validated in your feelings. You will also leave with action steps to help you work through your situation.

Asking for help is hard, but breaking down is only allowing you to break through. Sending all of my love to you- If you need help book a chat with me, subscribe to the blog and leave me a comment. We are always here for you, and we got you, girl!

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