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“Oooo Stephanie is ammmmazing! I had a session with Stephanie where she walked me through tips to make the event I'm promoting highly visible with EASE. She got me out of the hustle mindset and into magnetism! Swoon! The awesome part is that not only did she give me practical, logistic tips she also helped me walk through my fears of being visible. I left the call feeling like I have a solid game plan for promotion and WAY more confident about executing it!” 
- Lisa

“Had my healing session last night with Stephanie, and oh my, my! It was very eye opening. None of it was really a surprise to me, but definitely reassured me of some of the things going on in my life, and that I'm headed in the right direction! I highly recommend everyone to go do a healing session!”
- Ryan

“If you haven’t had a healing session with Stephanie LaBonte yet, you are missing out! I just got off a call with her a little while ago and I am still vibing high from it! She really helped me gain so much focus and really listen to myself! Sometimes it’s so hard especially as a mom, doing for everyone else, we lose sight of ourselves and stop listening, but she really helped me tune in and I am so grateful!! Definitely schedule a session, it was so worth it!! She is really incredible!”
- Crystal

“It’s never easy to walk into a room of people you don’t know. However, I trusted Stephanie and her ability to attract women who have the same desire for connection that I do and it didn’t disappoint! There’s no better feeling then being able to be surrounded by other amazing women who are willing to let go of surface level and talk about what we really navigate each day and I’m so glad I got to experience it!”
- Jessica

"I started working with Stephanie because I lacked confidence. I was unable to feel proud of my own accomplishments. I deflected every compliment as if they were dangerous weapons thrown at me. I was trying to be humble but instead I made myself small. It left me feeling worthless and inadequate. Stephanie first had me work on learning to receive compliments and assistance. Within two weeks I was not only accepting compliments but I believed them. It may seem like a small thing but it was life changing for me..

Stephanie helped me shift past the blocks that have held me back for most of my life. My boundaries are stronger. I have clarity on my purpose. The intense feelings of guilt have faded. I overcame a lifetime of hiding and playing small. I still have work to do but I feel confident that I can handle it. I have worked with several coaches over the past few years. By working with Stephanie, I was able to make more progress in three months than I did in the last 3 years. I am forever grateful for Stephanie’s coaching and I highly recommend you work with her!"

- Lily

"I attended Stephanie’s retreats and had a wonderful time. It gave me an opportunity to focus on myself and also form new friendships with some awesome women. I made personal intentions for my future and let go of negative things from my past. One of my favorite parts of the retreat was the meditation session where I was able to clear my mind and focus on being in the moment. I even learned how to crotchet at this retreat! It was a relaxing, spiritual, and great experience that I hope to participate in again soon."

- Becca

“Stephanie is truly an amazing and inspiring woman and extremely talented in all she does!! I highly recommend her”

- Daria

“As a wife, mom and business owner, I rarely take time for myself. The retreat was a weekend away that gave me time to set my intentions for the upcoming months, make real connections with the other ladies and take the necessary time for myself. At the end of the weekend, I felt relaxed and refreshed. When I got back to work, I felt the most creative I had been in a long time.”
- Jennifer

“This is a highly positive and encouraging atmosphere that empowers others. I have seen Stephanie speak and love her heart and passion. She brings people together and reminds them that we all have power and beauty within. Our youth needs to hear this and feel this! Well done!!!!”
- Ann

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