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Ever since I was a little girl, I loved to teach. My story starts as a student when I would force my sisters to sit in ‘classes’ while I taught them all different subjects during our play time. I remember them begging to teach me, but I was not having it! Growing up I was organized, personable, and enjoyed imparting my knowledge to those around me. 

I’d often spend whatever time I had getting the girls together and creating magic. After grammar school I attended an inner city school called Wilby High School in Waterbury, Connecticut. Amongst my peers there was a lot of conflict, but I found myself still at peace even in the midst of chaos. These experiences helped me realize that I had a gift of bringing people together and making others feel valued. These skills guided many of my choices, including my career. At twenty two I found myself back at Wilby, but this time I was there to make a difference. 

My ability to help others and the revelation of the gifts I carried within lead me right back to the drama of my high school years, except this time I was a teacher and in the perfect position to change the lives of so many. I was no stranger to arguments, fist fights, or bullying, and the introduction of social media did not help these problems. I began to see and understand the need for love, compassion, and community within the school walls and beyond. Little by little I built relationships with powerful people around Connecticut, and quickly invited them into my classroom to encourage and inspire the teens in my care. It was amazing. After giving birth to two beautiful girls of my own, I knew I had to continue my journey down this path.

Witnessing all that I had witnessed and thinking about the struggles my girls could face, I knew that I wanted to reach more than just one city in Connecticut. In November of 2017, I took a bold leap of faith and began my own business. I wanted to follow my passions the best I knew how and it only seemed right to grow my platform. My business enabled me to hold larger events and my reputation helped me bring together some amazing guests to speak at empowerment rallies for girls. As the years went by, the rallies turned into retreats and the girls matured into women; which brought me here. 

Today, I am still empowering women and my business is continuing to grow. I have been blessed beyond belief to wake up every morning with purpose, hope, and a career that I am more than passionate about. I have a blog, a great community on my social platforms, and better clients than I could ever imagine. My services focus on self-worth and healing. I have been a guide to many females and will continue to help people find their joy, freedom, and peace in this crazy place we call home. I am always ready to talk and I encourage you to join me on this journey of life. 


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