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You are worthy.
You are enough.

The world is better because of your unique light.


Grown Up Girl Karaoke Night

@ LIFT for Women, LLC
Watertown, CT
Friday, November 6th, 2020

Hey Grown Up Girl! 

What a crazy year it’s been, and it’s time to let loose and live a little! Come and have some grown up drinks, food and enjoy time with other girls who need this too. Even if you can’t sing, you are still worthy of this time for yourself. 

Can’t wait to see you in the selfie booth! Are you more of an 80’s hair band or 90’s pop? Come connect with other soul sisters who just wanna have fun too.

Covid-19 safety procedures are being followed. 

This event is limited to 10 women and tickets must be paid for in advance. 

✨Karaoke with DJ Stephanie Stardust 

✨Lights and Selfie Booth

✨Appetizers, Wine, Beer  

✨$40 per person 

✨Location: Lift For Women, LLC

✨250 Porter St Unit 73, Watertown, CT 06795



The Grown Up Girl Movement was created to help women feel empowered and reclaim their power. I believe that sisterhood is important, and being vulnerable with others can spark healing. I also believe that angels watch over us and can help guide us through life.

We live by our core values here at Grown Up Girl and make sure that they guide us in our decision making always.

Here’s our core values:

👯‍♀️ Community: Safe places are our jam. We created that in the Grown Up Girl Community. This is a space where no one is judged and women are free to be vulnerable and emotionally safe. Women can also speak their truths here without fear and be supported always in how they feel. We believe in the acceptance of diverse women and are equitable and inclusive in the community. Racism, sexism, hate language, ignorance of any kind WILL NOT be tolerated, ever. Discourse is encouraged on actions one can take to combat racial or gender injustice.

🙏🏻 Faith: We believe in ourselves. We believe we are worthy of love. We believe in God and the Angels and are guided by Spirit. We hold the faith for others in the community, even when they themselves have lost the way. We are stronger when holding faith together. Spirituality is a deeply personal journey and this is not a path of organized religion, this is a path into one's soul for peace. 

👁 Healing: We provide the space for healing of traumas, generational patterns, anxiety, overwhelm and stress. We understand the healing journey is different for everyone and we respect and meet you where you are. We believe that healing yourself can be deeply transformational and the support of the community and Angels are needed to help you on your path. 

💖 Freedom, Joy and Abundance (we think these go together!): We believe we were meant to be free in all areas of our life, and it is a choice we make every day. We want to travel, love whom we choose, meet new people, and have amazing experiences. We believe in choosing joy every day so that we can enjoy every minute of our lives, and trust our own processes. We believe that there is enough in the world for everyone. We do not subscribe to the channel of scarcity. We believe in abundant health, wealth, family, legacy, spirituality, love, friendships, experiences and gratitude.

❤️ Family: We respect each others' time and family obligations.


✨Spotlight Service: Angel Healing Meditation✨

Every Sunday morning @ 10:30am
@ LIFT For Women, LLC in Watertown, CT



Connect with the Angels and your higher self.

Angel meditations are unlike any other meditations. It is an experience.

I first start by cleansing the space. I usually use a combination of sage and sacred palo santo. Then, I help you to get comfortable; mats, warm blankets, and pillows surround you to make you feel safe and comfortable. 

Then I put the essential oils into the diffuser one by one, while explaining what each one means. I choose by intuition; what I feel you need. The aromas fill the space and healing begins. 

Each person pulls Angel cards and crystals that are revealed at the end of the meditation. These are attuned to your energy, and the messages are exactly what you will need to move forward. 

We start with three deep breaths. The meditation begins when I call upon God to send his Angels to us. I open my body as a channel to the Angels; to allow energy, light, words and messages to pass through me to those in the room.

Then we go on our journey; sometimes to the past, grounding into the present, or visualizing the future. Each powerful and activating all the senses. You’ll receive your own deeply relaxing messages. They are free to be in the moment, with no responsibilities or stress. 

When we are brought back to Earth, we reflect and share with each other. Intimate and vulnerable with stunning clarity, awareness and peace. 

Join me every Sunday at LIFT for Women, LLC for my Angel Meditation series. Let me help you connect with the Angels and your higher self!

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“If you haven’t had a healing session with Stephanie LaBonte yet, you are missing out! I just got off a call with her a little while ago and I am still vibing high from it! She really helped me gain so much focus and really listen to myself! Sometimes it’s so hard especially as a mom, doing for everyone else, we lose sight of ourselves and stop listening, but she really helped me tune in and I am so grateful!! Definitely schedule a session, it was so worth it!! She is really incredible!”

Crystal T.


Seven Minutes With Stephanie


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