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You are worthy.
You are enough.

The world is better because of your unique light.

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Angel Connection Session

Using her Clair gifts, Stephanie connects you to your angels.

Stephanie uses her gifts of clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairaudience and clairgustance to connect to the heavenly realm and provide comfort, pure love and healing.

Stephanie asks God for permission to connect you to your Angels. She channels the messages they have for you to provide clarity, break through obstacles and move energy that is no longer serving you. You will leave with a sense of purpose, peace and have action steps to move you forward.



Grown Up Girl Brunch

Come join us for brunch at West Egg Bakery & Cafe on December 6th, 2020 at 11am. 

Coffee hour will start our brunch off and will include an assortment of baked goods, coffees and teas.

For brunch we will have granola parfaits, caprese salad, a ham and swiss frittata, a feta, spinach and mushroom frittata, and a french toast strata. 


About Grown Up Girl & Stephanie LaBonte

The Grown Up Girl Movement was created to help women feel empowered and reclaim their power. We believe that sisterhood is important, and being vulnerable with others can spark healing. We also believe that angels watch over us and can help guide us through life.

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“If you haven’t had a healing session with Stephanie LaBonte yet, you are missing out! I just got off a call with her a little while ago and I am still vibing high from it! She really helped me gain so much focus and really listen to myself! Sometimes it’s so hard especially as a mom, doing for everyone else, we lose sight of ourselves and stop listening, but she really helped me tune in and I am so grateful!! Definitely schedule a session, it was so worth it!! She is really incredible!”

Crystal T.


Seven Minutes With Stephanie


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